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Things are going great so far here, but 2 questions.

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Ok so far this Doomedit thing is pretty awesome, I love it. How do I open up more windows for more views besides "XY top"?

And is there any way I can test the level without exiting out and actually playing it?

I wish there was a help doc :)

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No, you can't open more windows, but yes you can play your map inside of DoomEdit. Either press F2 or click the button to the far right of the toolbar at the top.

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Its possibe to customize your view windows, meaning, you could have all three viewing windows and the 3d window open at the same time. But I forgot how to set it up (I haven't messed with Radiant in years). For now, you can just hit ctrl+tab to switch between views.

And yes, you can test your map from within the editor. Hit f2 and in the console type map "your map location"

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