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Quick performance tip

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For those who don't mess with their hardware often, or just haven't played with their card(me :P) Remeber to set your refresh rate as high as you can make it!(If your monitor doesn't turn back on after testing, just wait, windows'll restore its original settings). I have gotten an extra 5 fps(25-30) out of this(60mhz->85mhz). Just a tip for those who haven't set up their refresh rate ;)

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You have vsync enabled right? Otherwise your refresh rate shouldn't affect fps, AFAIK.

I like to have vsync turned on, and if you prefer that too, then you have to consider two other things:

1) refresh rate as high as your monitor can handle (as you recommend)

2) turn on triple buffering
(If you have an ATI card - there's a setting under OpenGL to force this ON)

Anyway if you have vsync turned OFF, but refresh rate still affects your frame rate, then that would be odd, but hey I've been surprised before! I think the game is capped at 60 fps (doesn't apply to timedemos though of course).

Enjoy the game!

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Hmm, I've heard so many mixed things about vsync, I'm not sure what to do. I currently have it off, but it'll help(hehe tripled buffering would probaly help tons ;) ) I'll turn it back on :D

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You have vsync OFF? That is interesting -- I don't know how it could affect your frame rate then. Maybe vsync is forced ON in your drivers or something? I dunno.

Anyway for those who find that vsync costs them significant FPS and can't find where to turn on triple-buffering with their drivers, I would say it's not worth it, just leave it disabled. A little screen tearing here or there won't ruin your doom 3 experience.

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