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Doom 3 freezes at the end of the install!!!

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I just got my copy of Doom 3 as well as a Raedon(sp) 9200... I know I can't play the game with the specs that my system has (512 mb ram, Pentium 4, and shitty intel graphics handler), but I tried to install the game so that it'd be ready for play once the Raedon is installed (tomorrow).

Heres, the problem...

The install seems to be going great up until the point where you have to re-insert disc 1... At this point it installs for a short amount of time then it stops!! There are no error messages, no prompts, nada anything. The screen just goes black, and thats that.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is it because of my systems graphics card?

Thanks guys, I do appreciate it!!

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Yeah!! the same thing happens to me too...i bought doom3 2day...and got a new comp in june..and right at the end of the installation where it asks for the 1st cd again, i put it in and it doesnt load and makes a noise in the tower...wtf is wrong?! i wonna play dammit...

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Hell yeah man, I want to play as well!! With luck the new graphics card will help with alot of this shit! If not, well, good thing it's coming out for the X-Box in a few months!

One way or another I'm going to be playing this bastard!

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