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Total Conversions in need of a SFX guy?

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If so, send me a PM and tell me about your project. I'm ofcourse willing to work for free, after all we do this for fun.

I'm generally best at scary and creepy SFX but can make anything. I also make small music loops, for ambient music, scenery, soundtrack, etc.

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I could do with:

Waves and wind rushing by

Waves violently crashing onto things (the shore will do, though what i'm planning is set on an oil rig)

Wind howling past, not too loud and violent, just sort of chilling and spooky and in the background

Heavy, roaring diesel boat engine

Metallic clanking sounds, both loud and repetative and quiet and random

The 'clinking' of a malfunctioning strip light

A repetative, distant metallic creaking

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