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Whats the point of "allow server side mods"?

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I made a multiplayer mod (Flashlight DM) and it appears that even if I select "Allow server side mods" the other players still need to dl the mod to join my server. Also if I leave this unselected.. they still have to dl the mod. This boggles my mind as to what this option actually does then.

BTW is there some way were it can autodownload for them? I mean my mod is a whole 6kb. that wont even put a strain on a server if it was running off a 56k.

Its just I can never get more then 3 people on my mod at once cause I have to post info about it on a forum or something. If people could just join my game randomly from the server list... I could play 8+ players easily.

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Depending on what you change will require if the players need the mod or not. Mainly due to client side prediction.

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