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For all you WHINERS complaining about gibbing bodies and dissapearing demons...

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Here's a mod that gets rid of the explosion of bodies and dissapearing of demons so they just lay there. Hopefully some of you (Like Nightmare of doom or whatever his name is) will download this and shut up about it. :)

'Ungibbable is a small mod for Doom 3 that prevents bodies from gibbing and disappearing when hit. Instead, bodies stay intact and remain there, thus allowing players to either inflict further damage or view the realistic carnage. With this mod, players who are not satisfied with Doom3's sudden gibbings will find their singleplayer experience more realistic and enjoyable'

Link: http://files.filefront.com/3578681;/gamingfiles/Doom_III/Mods/Miscalleneous

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S1lent said:

Yes, this mod has been posted before (By me). Thanks though.

Oh. Oops, Sorry. :(

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