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HOW TO-Take insanely large screen shots

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Alright, part info and part plea for help... :)

Ok, we all know you can take a screenshot at your current resolution with -bind x “screenshot”- and we all know ID has released insanely big 4000 x 3000 pix... to do that yourself type or put in your autoexec -bind x "screenshot 4000 3000"- or simply replace the 4000 3000 with whatever is desired.

It seems to work by taking multiple pix in a grid and puts them together to make the big ass pix. But the 1st time i take a pic there it creats a glitch in the map. A big circle in the middle of my view showing what the lower left of my screen shows. See my shrunken screen shots. Also after i take a pix rocket explosions don't show smoke and heat effect but floor textures...

1st shot starts the glitch...

As i back away the glitch gets smaller

As i turn away the glitch is out of view but its still there if i turn back..

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It looks to me like the big circle glitch is the very centre of the flashlight beam, and i cant see anything "showing what the bottom left of the screen shows", except the bottom left of the screen

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Look again, especially at the middle one. Notice that behind the zombie, it's a solid wall, yet it clearly isn't supposed to be showing a wall. It looks like that, instead of rendering the graphic/decal for the flashlight, it's sampling the lower portion of the screen. You'll still see things like models in front of it, but what's being cast onto them is now not right.

The usual questions first: Are all of your windows updates/vid driver updates/system updates/directx updates proper and not beta versions/incomplete/not done?

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Here perhaps this will better illustrate the glitch... WMA of glitch, 1.92mb

well anyway i just wanted to let people know how to take the big ass screenshots, i dont NEED a fix as it doesnt glitch like this everywhere and once it does its only in that place so its no big deal. I have dx9c, cat 4.9 official betas, XP SP1...

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