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I'm having trouble compiling my level, here's what I do:

I hit F2,

I type in dmap maps/mylevel'sname.map

the console replies unknown command.

Perhaps I'm not saving my map in a good location?
Where should I be saving maps?


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Oh really?
so there's no compiling? I was going by a tutorial someone posted here:


he says

" Contrary to what most people think, you do have to compile Doom 3 maps, but compile times are extremely short (measured in seconds). First save your map with an easy name to remember like 'test01.map'. To compile your map, press F2 while in the editor to go back to Doom 3. With the console down, type 'dmap maps/test01.map' (replace test01.map with your filename, of course) and Doom 3 will compile your map. After a few seconds, text should stop scrolling and you are now ready to test your map. Type "map test01" and your map will load. That's all there is to it!"

So this step isn't valid?
either way I tried mylevelname map and it still didn't work, hmm, well at least I can see it in the render view until I get it squared away.

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Ive never been able to run a map I made by simply typing "map". Ive always had to type "dmap maps/mapname" . I think your problem could maybe be that your using .map at the end maybe? Also check that you are actually saving your map in the " /maps " folder. Other than that I think you are set! GL!! OH and PS.. once you DMAP your map you can then load it by doing the normal "Map mapname" <-- no quotes.

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In the editor:

BSP (menu) > bsp

Potential errors show up in the console (inspector window > console tab)

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