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DooM 3 Editor tutorials?

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I've made levels for 3D Quake-engine games in the past, but I've only used the QuArK level editor, not included QRadient editors and such.

So, while I know what needs to be done, I don't know how to do it.

I'd really like to get into DooM 3 mapping, but I need to know how you do basic things in the included editor, such as drag brushes, change their textures, which window is 'worldspawn' and what shows the list of EVERYTHING you can add in a map. In other words, are there any (gasp) beginners tutorials?

Well, until QuArK supports DooM 3 level editing, at least (will that be true, I'd like to know). I know all about the QuArK program already. :D

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I'm trying to make a shortcut so I can jsut roon DooM3 edit, by adding the following command:

"c:\program files\Doom3\Doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +wait +wait +wait +wait +editor"

Instead of just "c:\program files\Doom3\Doom3.exe" but it says that the pathname is invalid. I've also just tried adding +editor instead of everything else, too.

What am I doing wrong? ><

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Make a copy of the shortcut for loading doom 3. Rename it Doom 3 Editor or whatever.... Right click on the shortcut, go to properties and in the Target box...

After the jobby that looks like this: "O:\Games 2000\Doom 3\doom3.exe" (this of course will be diff on your machine) then add this line right after the .exe": +disconnect +set r_gamma 1 +set r_brightness 1 +set r_mode 8+set r_fullscreen 0 +editor

So it looks like your missing the " at the end of .exe"

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