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Doom 3 running in window mode, why?

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This is weird, tried firing up D3 today and it was fullscreen for the mostpart, in actuality it just filled up the desktop, but not the taskbar, you could see the "Doom 3" icon thing in the taskbar as well, and an X to close the window up in the top right. No other game is doing this. Anyone know why?

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That's what happens if I've had opened the editor. If I close the editor and open Doom 3, it'll be kind of in a window but cut off the screen. Gotta close it and open it again.

And on a side note, if I go back to the editor, it will be in the wrong resolution, and I have to close+reopen it.

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Have you put +r_fullscreen 1 in the target box in the properties of the shortcut?

Should look like

"C:\program files\doom 3\doom3.exe" +r_fullscreen 1

And if you already have that, then put +r_mode like it says in here and if you already have that, aha ur screwed kekeke.

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