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My Review on Doom3

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Ok I beat the game, and I have to say, it was the best game i had ever played

The graphics were awesome, the best Ive ever seen on a video game, sometimes those big things that had those huge tentacles just hangin on the wall and ground look almost real. I put on low quality on my system (p4 3.4, pci-e x800XT, 1 gig ram) and on high quality and both were great but of course low being a lil worse, but hey both are playable. The people looked great!

The sound was fanaminal ( or w/e how u spell it) on a sound blaster audigy2, and it was like surround sound kinda on my 2 speaker sattelie and subwoofer setup. The zombies always made me jump when they were hiding in the dark corners and sometimes i think i heard them say something. Also when you hear laughing it was creepy, and the paranormal talking like "They took my baby!" Alsothe shotgun cha-chink (when u pump it) sounded realistic.

The gameplay was great also. Sometimes it would get repetitive when you go into one room you kill, go into the next room you kill, hmmm i thought it would kinda be like resident evil where there would be like puzzles and stuff, but oh-well. When killing monsters, it would take a decent amount of bullets to kill a monster, depending on monster and weapon. Doom3 also takes some sort of intelligence because you gotta pay attention to your PDA files, and e-mails (not inless you found a list on codes on the internet somewhere).

This game was the best i ever played (all game types, fps,strategy, rpg ect..) like i mentioned b4. I cant wait till i get to really start to get playing multi-player. Now, im not a proffessional reviewer or anything so dont flame me.... lol?

So here the diagnostics i give the game:

Graphics: 100/100 (best graphics ive ever seen so far)

Sound: 100/100 (fantastic sound)

Gameplay: 96/100 (like i said it got a little repetative)

Fun: 97/100 (Doom3 gave me thrills and chills of entertainment and I would be looking foward if they made an expansion pack, or patches with more levels/or guns or something like)

Overall: 98/100

Well thats what i got to say... so.... all you guys can discuss this or something or if you object with somethin you can argue (BUT PLZ NO FLAMING OR WAREZ) or if i left anything out

edit: i forgot an important aspect of the game atmosphere
i dunno how i forgot that, but the atmosphere on this game was great, it felt liek i was there, i had the fear he did and so on...

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I'm glad your happy. I'm looking forward to some doom 2ish city levels myself, with the D3 engine those would be really badassed.

Uh, why would anyone bring warez into this? Warez is basically pirated programs. Did you think it meant "wars" or something? -.0

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I can just picture shooting across rooftops in multiplayer city maps. Or even in single player, shooting monsters and "pinkies" from a distance would own.

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