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Grid won't change

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The grid in the editor won't change!

I go to grid> grid8 but it doesn't adjust on the acreen

how come it won't refresh with the new grid size? :(

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I've noticed some quirks with the editor. One that bugs me is sometimes you can't select a light and hit "J" to adjust it's properties (intensity, etc.) but "K" will work (which allows you to change the light's color). When that happens to me, I just save the map and restart the editor. That usually fixes the problem.

Maybe, you've discovered another quirk. Save and restart.


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Run the editor in windowed mode, not fullscreen 99% of the errors get resolved this way.

Use this shortcut properties to start your editor:

yourpath/Doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +editor

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