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VPU recover and crashing Doom3

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I can play like two minutes before the game freezes, and error message: "VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator because the driver could not communicate with it" or something. After pressing "ok", sometimes I can keep on playing, sometimes not. Very annoying!

What is wrong?! Thanks

AMD XP 3000+
1024 DDR
ATI Sapphire 9600XT

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I had that issue with my 9600 when I first put this rig together. Things to try, look at the card itself, maybe it's not in correctly, that caused me no-end of problems. Disable Fast-write in the advanced options for your video card, if that doesn't help drop your AGP speed.

Both can be done in the same place...to get there (assuming you don't know how) right click on the desktop, click properties, then go to the display tab and click advanced. Look for the Tab called Smartgart and disable the checkbox called FastWrite On/Off. turn it off...restart. If the problem persists, drop the AGP speed down to 4x (There really isn't much difference between 4x/8x anyway)

If that doesn't work, check your drivers and possibly update them. That pretty much solved my problems.

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It seems - I say again SEEMS - that turning fast write off and reducing AGP speed helped, no hiccups during 30 minutes of hardcore action. Thank you Lord Bazztard!

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Not a problem, nothing worse than being in the middle of a great game and your PC fucks up in one stupid way or another...I was at a lan at the time, PC just had windows installed and Far-cry and Warcraft 3 kept giving me fucked up errors, was driving me nuts...especially when at one point, my screen was off...but I could still hear my units moving around and doing stuff. Thankfully didn't take long to find the problem, and I could get owned in WC3 without being able to see the game.

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