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Multiuser behind Linksys

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I have run into a strange problem only when my PC is behind my Linksys router. I could not download the server list so I started running some sniffer traces to see what was going on. It seems Doom 3 tries to connect to idnet.ua-corp.com:27650 (on port 27650) and the DNS name wasn't getting resolved becasue it looks like the :27650 is part of the name. After much tweeking of my network settings and router settings I couldn't get the list to download when behind the router (though I could if I removed the router).

In the end, I added " idnet.ua-corp.com:27650" to my hosts file and I can now download the server list (though I couldn't with just " idnet.ua-corp.com".

Anybody seen anything like this before? I'm at a loss of what to adjust to get this working without the host entry.


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Ah Hah...
I have a host name and domain name of my internal network assigned to my router and that was causing the grief. When I blanked it out everything was OK without the hosts entry.

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You can either:
1) Log into your Linksys ( probably)
2) Go to Setup tab.
3) Blank out Host name and Domain name fields and click Apply.
4) I think you need to power cycle your Linksys at this point as well.


1) Find the hosts file on you PC (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc) and open it with Notepad.
2) There should already be an entry for localhost so under it enter idnet.ua-corp.com:27650 (use the same format as the local host line but you will have an additional :27650 at the end).

You probably will also have to add ports 27650 and 27666 under the port range forwarding tabs of your Linksys as well.

Good luck.

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