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I cant join servers?? NOOOOOOOO

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Anyone having this problem, I select multiplayer, it only displays 1-2 servers that are not full or un passworded. I hit join game and it just sits at the connecting screen for 5 minutes. I JUST FINISHED THE DAMN GAME AND I WANT MORE!

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if you unpaked the pk files then for some reason MP will not work, dont know why.

also the game only supports only 4 people, if you came to doom3 expecting grea MP you will be disapointed. doom3 was made for single player and MP as an addon, not the other way around.

the most people per game i can reasonably see if 16.

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He's talking about the Master Servers always reporting EVERY server full.

To remedy this, simply find the IP address of the server (lower-right hand corner) and enter it into "IP connect."

If it's not really full and has no password, then you can connect.

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