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Loonix Needs The Doom 3

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For all you crazy Linux users that also want to play Doom 3, you can check out Doom3Linux.com which will cover all the Doom 3 and Linux news for GNU beardie hippies who want to play Doom 3 but not install another OS. And if you're still itching to play Doom 3 (but not install Windows), you can check out this guide which will step you through getting the current version of Doom 3 to run on Linux (more or less).

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Meh... I wouldn't want to run Doom 3 on Cedega... I think I'll wait for them to release the actual Linux binaries, like Todd promised in his .plan.

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Hmm...... DooM 3 on Lonix.....
How well could this game run with a CIA as the GFX-Chip and a 6510? ;)
If you dont get it:
Lonix is a port of Unix to the C64.

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