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Runs slow

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Hi I got Doom3 about 3 days ago and cant figure out why the game is running poorly, every game i have played i have had at topsettings and for some reason im just having fps issues my specs are....

AMD Athlon 2400xp running at 2 ghz
512 ram
80 gig hd
ATI Radeon 9800 pro

I know a couple of ppl who have specs way below this that are running the game good on medium settings but i cant even simply run it on medium setings at 1024x768 and i have gotten the latest drivers. I have good fps just walking around but when i get into a fight or get in a big area the fps drops from 8 to 15. I have also tried the tweaks in the doom cinfig with the cache and it didnt seem to help. So any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

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Have you tried turning off some of the advanced settings (such as shadows,specular and bumpmapping)?

I turned all those off (with the exception of the high quality effects option) and I'm getting an average of 40fps - this on an old Geforce4 mx440.

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ya but the point is i shouldnt have to switch to lower settings and turn stuff off i bought this card so i could play iwth good settings so i dont know why this stuff is happening. Does anyone know of any radeon 9800 pro tweaks that i could make.

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BigD86 said:
Does anyone know of any radeon 9800 pro tweaks that i could make.

It's your card. Get the latest beta drivers from ATI, released specifically for Doom3. See also other posts regarding problems with ATI cards.

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