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good graphics import/export program for doom?

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okay, I have two questions. first, how do I get dehacked working. I created a patch to change starting ammo and saved it, but then what?(im using doom collectors edition if it matters) oh, and could you suggest a really good graphics editor? thanks!

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Paint is a decent graphics editor if you want to do it pixel-by-pixel, you can also use Photoshop or GIMP

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Nmn said:

import Your *.deh file to the WAD and rename the lump to DEHACKED. Simple as that.

Erm isn't that just for some source ports?

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Regarding the dehacked part of the question, dehacked and deh patches don't work at all with Doom95.

Dehacked works with the original DOS exes and most ports.

To use a deh patch with the original DOS exes, you need to load the deh patch using dehacked.exe (a little bit messy).

To load a deh patch in a port, you just need to add it to the command line, in much the same way as you would load a pwad. Example:

eternity -file hacx -deh hacx.deh

Drag and drop also works in most cases - just drag the wad and deh onto the port's icon or exe.

Some ports accept embedded deh patches (i.e. ones that are included in the wad), but some ports don't (as Epyo says). The best thing to do if you want to distribute a wad with a deh is to leave them separate. Or else to include it both in the wad and also as a separate deh file.

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maybe I have an older version of xwe, but it wont let me do that. there is no option to import export graphics. my version is almost a year old, so maybe thats why.

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jakpandora said:

sorry, my thread wastn quite clear. I need something to extract and import the grapics. sorry

The shareware version of DeePsea (sbsoftware.com) supports unlimited importing and exporting of graphics (and anything else). (You can use these tools for as long as you want without registering, just haven't had time to update the docs.)

The design is broken up into focused tools.

1. To Export all the graphics, press F7 and select Export.

Click on just the Graphics and Flats checkboxes and disable all the other ones.

Then click Show Selection - all you now have showing is anything that is a graphic (from sprites to anything else, like TITLEPIC, etc)

Now click "grouping" to be able to export a whole bunch at once.

Hold down the Ctrl key and left mouse click all the graphics you want to export. If everything, just click Select All.

Now click on BMP and select a directory where you want to export all your graphics.

2. To import all graphics, press F7 and select Import

Select the Target PWAD on the left and the files to Import on the right. You can select multiple files at the same time in the open dialog by using the Windows multiple select commands (same as above, and both include shift+cursor key if they follow one another)

This is a bit different in that the tool has to know if you want to create Patches, Flat, Sprites, etc. The type selected determines the conversion format as well as default x/y offsets for ALL the graphics for that execution. This is especially useful for sprites and weapons. (There's another dedicated tool to tweak those offsets - F7 - Sprite edit).

To do multiple formats, just do one type, clear all the import files, then change types, do the next and so forth.

Be sure to insert appropriate FF_START/FF_END (flats) and SS_START/SS_END markers. You do NOT need PP_END/PP_END markers for other stuff. (these names also can F_xx, S_xx, but the double format is suggested).

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