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Problem with editing textures, please help

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I recently decided to mod Doom 3 so that punches would leave knuckle marks instead of bullet holes.

I created a folder in the DOOM 3 directory that was called "Punch Mod"

In this "punchmod" i put "punchmod.pk4"

Within "punchmod.pk4" were the folders "def" and "textures"

In def is only "weapon_fists.def"

I changed the decal from "hurt02.dds" to "hurt0666.dds"

In "textures" is "decals" and in "decals" is "hurt0666.dds"

"hurt0666.dds" is just a bullet hole with a green smiley face in it. I did this with photoshop then saved hurt0666.dds without changing any of the settings I was offered.

I ran Doom and loaded the mod, then punched a corpse. Any polygons that the texture would have wrapped over instead entirely turned black. Is this because I edited the texture and didn't save it properly, or because I changed the path from "textures/decals/hurt02.dds" to "textures/decals/hurt0666.dds"? In either case or a 3rd one, how do I fix it?

Also, I'm fairly certain there's a black and white texture that corrosponds with the decal that determines how translucent a certain area of the texture is. These are called alpha levels, correct? Where do I find the one for the bullet hole?

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Alpha channels help to add transparency into an image when mixed and applied with a graphical call to account for transparency based on the colors used on the greyscale ramp. Therefore, for transparency, you need to edit (or add depending on what you use) your alpha channel. I always get this mixed up, but I think the lighter it is, the more translucent it is. 255,255,255 on RGB is completely transparent, while 0,0,0 is completely opaque. It helps to paste your image into the alpha channel individually and greyscale it, then work from there. But that's just my suggestion.

(P.S: Some texture defs also call for shader effects such as scrolling and warping as opposed to translucency - make sure you edit your texture configs accordingly)

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I didnt alter or add any alpha channels though, so shouldnt it go by whatever the game currently has?

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