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trying to find this old custom MP map

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There was this custom MP map I used to play about 9 years ago, I don't remember the name and this is all I remember of the layout.

The textures weren't anything in particular, they were just the usual base-type textures like for e1m1. It was doom 2, and that's about all I remember...

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sounds (err... looks :) familiar.
maybe a vortpak or igor9 level?? although that bfg room doesn't look familiar... =/

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All the ingredients to a great DM map. An octagonal room, a BFG nook, and a room full of "stuff"

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There were a fair number more rooms than that, but that's all I remember from one 20 minute game I played on that map 9 years ago.

The BFG might not have been in that room, i remember getting blown up in that room, either I was getting the BFG there, or I got blown up by the BFG there.

The plasma rifle was defin@tely at the end of the long corridor in an octagonal room.

There were a lot more doors off to the sides of that corridor, but I don't remember what was in them... I think there was another big area to the left of the big area with "stuff" in it.

edit- this map would have been made in or before 1996.

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