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Doom 3 is up and running, just one final question?

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Alrighty, the Radeon 9200 was installed fine, and I'm able to run Doom 3... :) Fucking kick ass game too, I might add!

Now here's my question, the game itself runs rather smooth for my system, but at times it does show a bit of lag (mainly when doors open, or a level/area is loaded up the first time).

I was thinking about downloading the new catalyst that ATI put out to help Doom 3 run a bit smoother, but was just wondering if that'd be the best idea... The graphics look KILLER with the driver that came with the Radeon 9200.

So do you think it'd be a better idea to just upgrade from 512 MB RAM up to 1GB? Or would it be my processor that would need to be upgraded to get smoother gameplay... My processor is a Pentium 4 (2.4ghz).

Alrighty, thats about it... Thanks again!

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Nah man, I mean the game slows down when the doors are opened... You know, it kind of gets a bit choppy. Then goes back to being smooth sailing.

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