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Some Llama

Cannot connect via "ipconnect"

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Some friends and I are trying to play DM over the internet... one of us hosts a listen server and when any of us try to connect to it via "ipconnect" it says connecting but never connects to the server... if we use the browser list and see the server name we can connect to it.

We are all behind firewalls but we opened ports 6443 and 27650-27666

If you have any suggestions please let me know...

We would like to directly connect via the ip address.

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This may be a stupid question but what if you tried connect instead of ipconnect?

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oh no i understand.. but I meant using the "ipconnect" box at the bottom of the multiplayer browser, we haven't done this via the console at all, but the browser ip connect function is the same as the console because when i use the browser function it goes to a different screen that says "trying to connect to ip <server ip address>".

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I will but im telling you it's gonna be the same as using the "ip connect" feature in the browser. (unless the feature is borked...ill let you know)

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