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First, I must apologize, the site is russian.
They had a link to the same interview in english, but it was transferred with babylon so try to understand what you can :)

Sensational interview Äæ. Àëëàðäà
08:50, xtracer / Exclusive

As though suspiciously we did not concern to Xbox from Microsoft, abusing it(him) for the big sizes and poisonous green color, but after we are compelled to recognize some months, that it will be the fastest and interesting prefix from all existing on the modern game market. In many respects it is connected with those games which will appear on this system at the end of it and during all next year. To a huge regret, we can not open all details of plans of the company, having limited to only those projects that are mentioned in this news. And so, all some days back, we had peacefully a talk with òîï-manager Microsoft to unsurpassed and so nice us Äæ. Àëëàðäîì. You can read separate fragments of interview to the subjective analysis hardly below.

RGW: Äæ, we heard, that your partners in development have some confidential projects which graphically look much better, than long-awaited Doom 3. We as heard that the majority of them will appear to November start of system.

Äæ: About, let's hope for it!
( Here Àëëàðä cautiously confirms our information, being afraid ñáîëòàòü superfluous, or having special passion to known superstitions. However, we for certain know, that in development the large western companies have rather intriguing games for Xbox. Also it is absolute, the truth, that many of these projects will have improbable quality the diagrams which are literally rolling up under asphalt the majority of long-awaited development on PC. We shall not press in technical details, but among prospective masterpieces we can name Nocturne 2, Quake 4 and continuation of one very known racing series).

RGW: we heard, that 8-ìü years back Microsoft already trying to storm the prefixal market the early prototype of a prefix who was frozen because of small interest on the part of developers.

Äæ: Always there was a set of opportunities around of game development to some extent. But we never did(made) anything serious in this direction. Our last prefixal project were libraries CE for  reamcast.
( it is difficult for us to speak about dark past Microsoft, but êëÿòâåííî we promise, that we shall find out as much as possible about early prototypes of the future subjugator of the prefixal market)

RGW: we as heard about mystical Quake 4 and Shogo 2 exclusively developed for Xbox.

Äæ: I can not speak about for the present not àíîíñèðîâàííûõ projects.
( Äæ finally strains, being afraid to break NDA. From the facts known for us, employees id Software already for a long time have received exclusive versions XDK and together with the third company prepare for the new project for this system. We precisely can not be sure in our data, but according to several external sources, Quake 4 can use practically ready technology Doom 3, having appeared long before an output(exit) of original game. Taking into account similar practice and in the past, it is possible to count, that at Unreal Championship very serious contender has appeared. As to Shogo 2 we for certain know that Microsoft assigns special hopes for this game at ñëîæíåéøåì conquest of the Japanese market. For those who does not know, I shall inform, that Shogo 2 it is created on the basis of cursor Lith Tech 3.1 from company Monolith)

RGW: Some western sources inform that àóäèî and the network processor will not be ready in time and in this connection date of output(exit) Xbox can be transferred for January or February, 2002.

Äæ: it Is a lie. Àóäèî it is ready and perfectly works on áåòà-XDK which are at disposal developers. Absolutely truly, that network service Xbox will start to work in the beginning of the next year, but you directly can connect prefixes and arrange LAN competitions (we name this system Link Play) since the first day of occurrence Xbox. We already showed Nascar, Halo and Nascar were absolutely èãðàáèëüíû on ëèíêó on past E3.
( rather interesting application, confirming presence of a network mode in Halo, and as more and more getting stronger friendship with Electronic Arts. Besides our information on ideas becoming ripe in bowels Microsoft on realization of the multiuser tournament with use of Lunch-projects and prize-winning fund in some thousand dollars in part proves to be true.).

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Quake 4

WTF? Quake 4? So who's developing it if it's being developed at all... This is a weird story. I'm not sure if I should believe it.

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Actually I have heard stuff about a console-only Quake 4 being made by some third party company. Dunno if it's real though.

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Well no, but german is close enough...

Mag ich etwas Creme für diesen böseen Hautausschlag haben?

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