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Can't even to get it to INSTALL! High end PC

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I have a P4 3.o Ghz, 1024 RAM, 800 FSB, 9800 Pro VC, fairly high end machine.

It just wont install. Hangs after Install Wizaed begins. I get intial Menu, choose Install, Install Shields begins, then hangs.

Tried it with all popup, spyware, virus turned off as well, same deal.

Any ideas?

What a let down.

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tried updating in windowsupdater.microsoft.com?
they fixed something in install shield program around 4 months ago...
if you dont have the patches then ur .. (censored) ;)

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What OS? There are modifications needed to install on something other than 2000/XP. 2003svr for example needs a manual install.

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Running XP Pro - all updated and patched. Most painful going to try the Omega video drive and manual install solutions tonight. Soemone said they thought there was an ATIn Doom 3 patch/fix released by ATI - but I cant find it. Frustrating staring and this $50 game box I purchased.

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