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MaTT [TiK]

More HTTP questions

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Any idea what the rule is about maximum packet size when sending files is?

My server currently sends files in packets of 4610 bytes (just because that was the size of the packets I received a file in from the Tiscali server when I tested it), which seems to work most of the time, but sometimes, some of the image files don't send properly.

Is there some kind of rule for packet size relating to overall filesize or connection speed or something? If anyone knows anything about it, please share your knowledge with the Lamer :) Thanks!

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This is an article I wrote on Everything2 about the Sliding Window protocol, which is probably what you want:


This is my fourth year individual project report for my degree, explaining congestion control algorithms:


In short, if you're using UDP you're probably wasting your time and should just use TCP.

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OK, thanks. I am using TCP though. I'm not actually sure if the image files are sending properly or not - it might just be that my copy of IE is buggered up (as usual).

I tried leaving the server running overnight last night so I could test it from my girlfriend's computer with 56k, but my bastard 166 MHz piece-of-shit server computer crashed before I got a chance to test it (my main computer is 350 MHz but it refuses to host any kind of server so I have to use what was my secondary computer to run my web server and Real-Time server, and it keeps crashing - virus infected lump of congealed monkey vomit).

The web server was running fine 24 hours a day a couple of weeks ago, but none of the larger files (the actual program downloads) would download (had to link to my *spit* Tiscali webspace) because it was only sending files as single packets, so that's why I'm doing this update to the program - that and because I'm adding a username/password system to the site for when my MUD game and some of my other unfinished programs are up and running.

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