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flashlight comment

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from what ive seen, one of the big issues in the new mods is arming the player while he carries a flashlight. while having a flashlight on a (weak) weapon is fine for a lot of players, i know there are a great deal of us who would rather not have something like that.

for the modders out there, is it possible to disable a weapon/flashlight combination for those of us who want to keep with the original flashlight/no weapon setting? like make a mod where we can choose.

i dont know much about doom3 moding so please inform me if it is possible to keep the original flashlight even in mods that have changed to a flashlight/weapon combination (that have currently been released and without serious editing on my part)

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There isn't a way to be able to disable the flashlight on a weapon at this moment. Most the mods they don't really change anything worth bothering with anyways (most them seem to make the weapons stronger which if you dislike lighting up the area it would seem you prolly would dislike this as well).

I'm fairly adamant against them as well for any multiplayer playing as well.

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The chaingun looks like it has a flashlight on it, ill go see if i can put one on it.

EDIT: Nope cant add a light, sence i cant figure out how to zip the mods in a format that dont crash the game when they load.

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deathbringer said:

Urm, just dont run the mod?

Obviously you didnt read it carefully.

He is not saying that he doesnt want the flashlight+weapon thing in general.

He is saying that although he LIKES WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH THE MOD one of the things he wishes was NOT IN THE MOD is the flashlight+weapon thing.



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