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Performance Boost on ATI Cards

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The guy who made this mod works for ATI, but did this on his own time.

Check it out. **Again, this is only if you have an ATI card. Nvidia cards using this tweak have shown WORSE performance.**


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My friend downloaded it and it made fireballs have black boxes on em, i downloaded it and it made my computer run about 8-10x faster.

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Ok, now my shader ingame isnt working, its defaulted to 3d normalizing off the gun and not the normal map, i had to roll back the pk4 to an older version.

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will try it, will tell you guys if it increases anything.

I think the boost of this "tweak" varies too much depending if you used the other "tweaks" like higher memory for buffering, unpacking the files & stuff.

Things I have done so far:

.-NEw ATI drivers
.-Higher cache Tweak
.-Uncompressing the PK4 files to my hdd.

and will try this shader one..

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