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Well for one I am glad rushing the revenant down with a chainsaw is still a good defencive/offensive move when you dont have any corners to duck in :D It isn't the ol reliable anti piky anymore ( sniff remembers 20 minute chainsaw battle and 60 dead pinkies ) However what made me really happy is that the chainsaw is just as awesome verse lost souls now as it was in old doom days. This is good because Lost souls now are a lot tougher ie single barrel shot gun not a gaurantee one hit kill, they do not fly at you in a straight line, and you would prefer it gave you head before she died ;) I wonder if that is why only females become lost souls; hetero sexual macho developers :D .

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I take it you haven't looked at that gapping maw and all those rows of teeth last thing I want from it is oral pleasure.

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