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The Doom story. How does Doom 3 fit in?

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Hello Doomers.

How is Doom 3 supposed to fit in to the overall story of Doom?. I mean all of hell was supposedly destroyed in all of the other Doom games so how come we have another bunch of Demons trying to raise hell on earth again?.

Maybe hell cannot be destroyed that easily but i would like an extensive intro cutscene to explain the story and what is going on, so you can set the scene for the upcoming events.

Post your thoughts on this topic below.

All of my thoughts are with the people of New York City and i wish you all the best for the future, and that this never happens again, ever to any free democratic country.

Good luck for the future.

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Don't worry about Mac, that's our greetings to the forums. Anyway, Todd Hollenshead said it's not called DooM III because (obviously) it's not a sequel. If you ask me, it's some kind of reenactment or remake of the first DooM, you know...all the military project on UAC bases gone wrong and stuff like that. It's the perfect place to start, since it's an interesting plot.

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