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Crash and Burn

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Remember that X-Prize thing where whoever launched a manned home made rocket into space (or high enough that you can pretend it's space anyway, 100km) would win ten million bucks? And remember how Carmack was one of the guys who entered that contest along with a team of other smart guys? Yeah, well you might want to check this out:

The bottom manway flange broke off the tank, and the 450 pound tank with 180 psi pressure still in it got punted about 200 yards away by the gas release. $35,000 of rocket is now a whole lot of primo Armadillo Droppings. There are a few pipe fittings that survived, but that’s about it. Amazingly, even though the on-board camera was destroyed, the tape did survive with only some scuffed sections. It’s a good thing Doom 3 is selling very well…

You can see the video here and the update also has some pictures you can check out. Good times, good times.

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Linguica said:

carmack was never any good at outdoors environments


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