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Basic demo questions...

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Because I'm an idiot...

I just got doom 3, and I noticed the cheat command "aviDemo" for recording demos to an avi. whenever I try to use this, the game I am in simply quits out to the main screen. I'm here basically to ask how to record these demos to avi.

Just to make sure I'm on the right page...
A demo is an in-game video right? Is that what this forumn is about?
if not can someone please explain what they are and why there seems to be alot to demo recording.

Oh yeah...what's a .wad?

I'm an idiot, sorry.


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okay, 2 seperate things here: Doom and Doom3.
If you are interested in Doom capturing, then search for applicable threads on this board.
However, as you indicated, I think you are looking for avi-recording in Doom3.
I haven't tried that myself, so my response is very limited:
1) I've heard it saves it as targa files without any accompanying sound file. If so, use a compression video tool like pjbmp2avi to merge these into moving pictures.
2) I've heard that the filesize and datarate is immense. I would assume that if there is a netcode enhancement releases (or a mod), this may become smaller.
3) check out the other avi/demo threads in the Doom3 section and check your doom3 folders for possible output files. gl.
edit: a wad is a indexed group of resources for DOOM(2). if you made an external map, it would be a wadfile.

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