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New Dr. Betruger skin finished!

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Heh, good one. If your end result is relatively small (I would venture a guess that, zipped, your skin is probably a mag or two), get some Tripod space, make a very simple index.html, and upload your file there.

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now we just have to find other movie stars that could look like Doomguy, swann and his bodyguard and replace them :)

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Anthony Hopkins:


Richard Schiff:


Neal McDonough:


Bruce Willis:

Carmack Scientist:

Mitch Pillegi:

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i don't think bruce willis should be sarge cuz you don't se him much!!!

and good shot on Swann, don't know him but he looks a little :)

And ofcourse Skinner-doctor, i've always thought he looked like him

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But what about the player? I was thinking about DeNiro, but the face is mirrored and he has that distinct mole.

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I've always thought Rutger Hauer should be in a game...not sure how he'd fit in here, but I'm sure it'd be a kick. Heck, make him the Doom Guy...

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