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Odd trouble?

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Hmm, well, I just bought Doom 3 and it's running Semi-decent..

I'm running a P4 1.6ghz w/ 512 MB Ram and a Radeon 9600 128mb (I think that's the one, I know it's 128..) with 512 MB of System Ram.

Anyhow, the trouble I get is that under video settings, when I change them, it says that it will take affect when doom 3 restarts.

I restart Doom, and the settings are back to the way they were before. Any ideas?


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what kind of settings? cuz i had the sme problem w/ aa I spoke to tech suport and they said it does that cuz the system can't handle it. that's why it does not save. I'm running a P4 2.53 w/ a ATI 9200 and a gig of ram

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