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My review

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Did you actually make that review or is it just a review that you picked to represent yourself?

Not that it really matters, I guess, if you wrote it then you did a damn fine job if someone else wrote it then someone else did a damn fine job, I’ll definitely check that site if they review other games.

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Good review. captured the fact that there are flaws with the game, but overall it is quality. I completely agree that it tried to be too many different things to all gamers.
id takes 3x as long to make this game than any other game they've made. Technically, it shows. The optimized game engine, the detailed levels, sounds and models... everything is so refined. Technically it is so very impressive.
So many gameplay flaws though, that reduce it to just a well-made, fun distraction... and not a game I'll be playing 10 years after it's release. Halflife][ is here, ladies and gentlemen; repackaged, polished, and re-released by idsoftware. The Gman is one step ahead of you, the weapon and teleporter technology, the slime and NPCs ooze from every corner of the game. You fight the military, turn on pumps and vents and ride on trams... Xen is substituted with Hell, and you feel right at home.
The game is fun to play, but it is amazingly easy on Veteran and the only boss I didn't kill on first meeting was the Guardian. There is little buildup to the action and as every gamer knows, a good amount of build-up leads to a more satisfying conclusion. I like the idea of the PDAs, but it wears thin by the middle of the game and you get the sense that they stripped other functions out of the game for the final release. Besides the unbearable network code, the nail in the coffin is the unbelievably linear gameplay. I could relate a story of the room where and imp and a revenent teleport into your hallway and every single person who has played the game knows what room I speak of.
If I was to list the 10 things that make DOOM the greatest game of all time; DOOM3 only has a couple of them... I miss the creativity, I miss the raw fun, I miss American McGee and John Romero.
Thanks for the game, id. If it was made by any other company, I'd be more satisfied. But from you guys, this is probably your 4th best game... and that was a lot of build-up for... maybe the real HL2.

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I like "survival horror cliches and scare tactics." Vision going red, pentagrams in the halls, voices in your head, and the traps and scripted attacks seemed to be pretty well spread apart and individual to their stages in the game, I liked them.

As far as the invasion and Hell, I couldn't agree more with you. There may be little tweaks you could adjust future Hell levels with, but otherwise I can't think of a more unique level in a game ever. Also the invasion should have been more shock waves knocking shit over and setting machines on fire, and the organic hellish stuff should be busting through walls and knocking them down. At least that's what I would have liked to seen.

EDIT: Just to add, I liked the idea of Elliot Swann and his bodyguard being one step ahead of you, but I think they WOULD HAVE SERVED A PURPOSE maybe if you got the chance to meet up with them, maybe complete a puzzle with their assistance, or some combat together. Just having them there for story depth, it was just too thin.

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Opulent said:

I miss American McGee and John Romero.

Uh American McGee had nothing to do with Doom 1?

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Romero and Carmack enjoyed zombie movies very much so by a very large extension you can credit American McGee technically, maybe, not really.

I only asked if you made the review because when I went back to check the website it wouldn’t load properly, now it does and now I know. (submitted for your approval.)

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