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Li'l white mouse's monster replacements


Covert ops (they give permission for sprite 'borrowing')

I'm starting to make semi-decent ones, if its easy i might be able tp help

Make your own

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And the Combos folder, too (including some weapon replacement things by me).

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Bear in mind to look at the permissions part in the text file first. Someone (Let's call him 'E') got a bit pissed off when someone else ('X') ripped off E's sprites without permission. And there was a situation where someone used Mordeth Ep. 3 graphics without permission of Mordeth that I heard about...

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You can use any of the counterdoom rips if you plan on making some sort of military mod or something. Just write that I ripped them in the readme. ;) (look for bf-cdoom.zip in combos)

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There are many places to get new sprites, depending on what you want. But yes, as has been stated already, don't use them without giving credit at least. It's just a game, and everything we do is just for free, but it still takes a lot work and all most want is just to be named that THEY did the work. So always give credit with what you steal.

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psyren said:

I also just found this: Look for the files for monsters.txt and monsters.zip at http://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/newstuff/

It says they are for ZDoom but I couldn't get it to work. Still some very interesting new sprites that could be ripped.

The various authors give full permission for use also.

Either start
ZDOOM -file monsters.wad monsterdemo.wad
ZDOOM -file humans.wad humandemo.wad

to see the monsters.

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TheDarkArchon said:

Bear in mind to look at the permissions part in the text file first.

Even then, it is hard to be completely certain. Sometimes people rip stuff without permission, but then "grant permission" for it to be reused by others (something they have no right to grant, of course).

If someone says that they made the graphics from scratch, and that others are free to use them, then you'll probably be on safe ground.

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Yep, GothicDm and Gothtex are a good example. In the wadfile texts it is specifically stated that nothing may be used, yet I have seen these same textures, even using the same names, (adel_xx) in several wads that give full permission to use.

Not sure what the cure is if one was only to find the secondary wad and think that no permissions need to be given. Best bet is to learn how to make your own.

Personally, I am working on some maps using Doom64 sprites I found in some wad and lost. But I knew Kaiser did these sprites, and knew enough to recognise "DSV" references in the dehacked file.

Of course, they are illegal, but no one (other than in forums) has attacked him for using them, and it wasn't one of his wads I ripped them from, so I feel safe, and so is he.

The D64 monster sounds I found in another wad and I give credit to the author. I have no idea where they came from, or if they have permission or not.

Not always best to live by the motto,"Easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission," when dealing with internet.

I found very quickly that nothing is really safe or sacred here. I don't really care if anything I do originally is stolen or not. Great if they give me credit, but still mine even if they don't.

And I am not a rich man with high powers that will scour the internet searching for people who have stolen. Not Metallica who wants every dime from everyone who has any of their music. Not living in a penthouse and worried about next months bills and if I can afford the cocaine I consume. I just figure everything I post is for free.

All we can do really is give credit where credit is due, or at least TRY to do so.

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