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DooM3 Imp Fight

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I slapped together some screens i took while lettin an Imp man handle me.


**Next time a mod invades one of my posts to edit it, please do so correctly. Dont leave a dead link, all you had to do was remove the HTML tags and it would leave just a link to the pic, there was no need to kill it.**
Thanx, and sorry for not reading the FAQ before i posted it.

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Demon Hunter said:

quite a "jumpy" .gif

Its a bunch of screenshots slapped together. I'll toy around with a fraps video later.

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You go imp! :D

sambobbilly said:

the way the imp dissapesrs at he endis fucking badass does it happan with all demons and zombies?

If I am not mistaken, yes. :D

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Zombies don't only demons burn away... IE: returning to hell. Zombies do indeed ragdoll... which is always fun. Just don't get too eager with your mag light after they die... they don't like that. :)

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