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Everything looks like 8bit color!

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Hi, I have a Radeon 9600 card. I've noticed that everything in the game has a sort of 8bit look to it-- there are severe banding artifacts in the clouds, the flasholight has a lot of sparkly colors, and places where light falls off into darkness, there is severe banding and loss in quality. Even the menu displays artifacts around the lettering in the labels. The opening movie even looks terrible. It looks like the textures themselves are all 8bit...

I'm using the latest drivers, and I've tried the game in all quality modes. In Ultra quality, things looks much better, but I get the feeling the problem is just being covered up by screen resolution.

I've also noticed now that other GL games/demos have this same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hmm, it seems alot of radeon owners are having a rough time with this game. then again, ati never really had great openGL support.

as to a solution for your prolem, you may want to up the resolution a step or two and see if that makes a difference. if your running a big desktop and tiny game, stuff like that can happen.

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Thanks for the advice-- increasing the resolution does lessen the effect quite a bit.

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