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SvStrife Beta 3

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SvStrife - a win32 source port (based off of Prboom) of Rogue's Doom engine game, Strife is now at beta 3.

Here's whats new in beta 3:

August 10, 2004
-Tokens fixed
-Scripting system fully functional
-Removed SvStrife scripting (no longer needed anymore)
-Fixed more bugs by the Shopkeeper
-Fixed Armor value bug
-Added inventory check when buying items
-Added many more linedef types
-All Doom things removed

here are the links:

SvStrife Binaries

SvStrife source

This port is still buggy, so use it at your own risk ;)

As far as I know, you're able to play up to the point where you destroyed the Programmer.

I'll update my website when I have more time. Have fun.

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yeah, I know about that. My ftp has gotten full, and I needed to delete some files to save space, and the source was one of them . I'll be posting another update soon, and once I do that, I'll upload the updated source..

Here's an older version of the source on my other server. Last updated 8-10-2004

Edit: Isn't the link I posted above the same one? I've tested it and its working..

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