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Berserker mode is SWEET

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Finally saw what berserker mode looks like. First, it was surprising because I didn't know what the firey skull was, but once I picked it up and the zombies started charging I caught on...

Blurred vision, high pitch screaming by the marine (which was pretty freaky and wild), and one-punch kills? Sweet...

Any opinions?

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You're getting one punch kills on vanilla zombies. Just wait and see what you get one punch kills on later.

That said, I think it's slightly overpowered, although yeah the effect is awesome.

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I liked the idea of the Berserker as a seriod then a weired helmet. Also the one thing I liked about the old one is the screen went red. Other then that I'm pleased with the new berserker.

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This is a spoiler forum so I'll post a spoiler. SO IF YOU DON'T WANT A SPOILER, QUIT READING!

I remember getting Berzerk for the second time. I punched a Hell Knight and it flew back like 12 feet in one punch. God bless the ragdoll effect! I think there was a mancubus too...I don't really remember anything else except the Hell Knight, that was sweet.

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FlexGalaxy said:

is there an item that turns you invisible, such as the orb in the earlier days of DooM?

There is in MP. Dont know about the single player game. It seems to be quite effective too. I casualy walked right by someone and they didnt notice me at all.

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