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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.4 spinoff The baddies lounge

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this will NOT be a serie its just a spinoff!

Imp:Ow...this shotgun wound really hurts.

Pig-Cop:It looks infected...you should go to the hospital.

Imp:Yeah...a brown monster with claws and red eyes goes into a hospital...that wouldnt be the least bit strange?

Cultist:I can go!Im human!

Imp:And you have the I.Q. of a brick!


Cultist:No I dont!

Pig-Cop:Yeah...hes right...the brick IS smarter!

Imp:Heh heh heh heh!

Cultist:Fuck you guys!I hate you!*the Cultist runs out of the lounge,crying like a little bitch*

Imp:Whata fag.

Pig-Cop:So anyways...go to the baddies hospital.

Imp:There is no baddies hospital!

Pig-Cop:Duke told me about it.You go in ask for the thumbs and they take you to a room and put you out,when you wake up there is sticky stuff on yer ass and your ass hurts...

Imp:Moron.He took you to a gay massage place!DUH!

Pig-Cop:Im gonna fry his ass!

Imp:Or fuck it!?

Pig-Cop:Lick my left nut to make the right one jelous asshole!
*Imp smiles,sips his coffee and secretly goes to "the baddies hospital"

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