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Manipulating the camera in doom3 editor

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Ok, I haven't played a non-console FPS or dipped in a level editor for a few years now, so I'm a bit rusty..

..but I've been held frustrated by the cam window in the editor for about 30 minutes; how do you 'point' it at something? How do you move the camera around freely?

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The arrow keys act as movement on a linear X/Y plane (ie, forward, back, left, right), the "d" and "c" keys move up and down, and the "a" and "z" keys look up and down respectively... You can also use the mouse to act as the arrow keys if you so desire..

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It should also be mentioned that ctrl+right mouse button lets you move in a cross formation. That is, straight up, sidestepping, and straight down.

Is it possible to change it to GtkRadiant style movement, btw?

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