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How to make a cd cover?

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What is the size (in pixel) of a cd cover (front side, with, and without margin)?

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I don't remember, but there's this really shitty burning prog called Nero and it has a cd cover maker in it. I think it works in the trial version too. You try that out and see what happens. I haven't used it in years so who knows what happened to the updated version. It has the exact dimensions though and works with paint or something.

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insertwackynamehere said:

You can download free jewelcase makers you know. Google it

Why would I need a jewel case maker? I already got about 400 empty cd cases. Oh you mean the paper inserts... =-)

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12x12 cm to 12.15x12 without a margin (the booklet)

13.6x12 for the backside + 0.65x12 for the side for a total of 14.25x12 (you bend that last part 90ยบ)

the front of the case has a clear plastic frame to the left of the booklet's face, where you can see the unprinted face of the backside, it's about 1x12cm, so whatever you print there must be offset in the horizontal axis for the whole extension of the side (0.65cm). Right after that thin strip you have the stuff that shows up under the cd's holder (if made of clear plastic), so you can draw something there too.

dn's right, don't use less than 300ppi. These things are generally printed in glossy paper, so you can go up to 450ppi. Or you could just go to a nice tidy 600ppi and be done with all the thinking, let the fucking printer do the whole dot gain calculations and stuff, that's why we have modern shiny drivers really.

As an example, a 12x12 cm pic at 600ppi is 2835x2835 pixels

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