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Help with a couple of things..

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ok i have just installed my new MSI Radeon 9800 pro and i have overclocked it to 418/365..

i have 512mb ram and a pentium 4 2.4 ghz

i am gettin another 512mb ram tomorrow, but i thought what the hell, i will install it today since alot of ppl say 512 is enough...

so i install them and start playing the game at 1024x768 "high" and with 2x Antialiasing..

everything is ok but it seems to lag a little bit when there is such actions as doors opening and things like that... why? i even tried unpacking the pak files but it still get that little bit of lag..

Also can i use that "vertical.." option that is not enabled or wont it take it?

Also when i save a game (F5) and then reload it (F9) it doesnt take me where i saved but at the START of the stage..

please help..

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