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Doom III Wasteland Review

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Did anyone else find that wasteland review to be ridiculous?

I'm not mad because the idiot gave D3 a 4/10, but because it doesn't even seem like he's got his facts straight.

He said that the original DOOM's goal was to activate a wind generator? Don't remember that, even if I did only have the shareware of the original.

"Cut and Paste" monster models - aka the best looking monsters a video game has ever seen.

"It was praised as the best action game since Quake" - Doom 1 came out about 3 years before Quake, so this sentence doesn't even make sense.

And Doom II came out in 1994, not 1996.

If its a joke I don't get it.

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Also, the guy doesnt know the correct term behind the abbr. UAC, he mixes up Doom monsters with Doom2 ones, he simply made up an amount of levels for the original Doom, he cannot even count right (Even if Doom2 was released in 1996, that would be 8 years and not 5 from then)

And can you tell me where in doom you can find a railgun-wielding Prometeus? *lol* This review cannot even remotely be taken for serious.

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Haha...yeah those were some other flaws I noticed in the review, I was just so pissed and flabergasted at this guys ignorance that I had to post it as soon as possible.

On a side note, I'm still pretty early in my Doom 3 stages, I pre-ordered it so I got it the day it came out. I'm in Sector 2 of the Alpha Labs and its been great so far

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This review is a pure wind-up. Look at the url. And the reviewer's "name".

If you took that review seriously, you may be interested in this site too.

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