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Would more ram help my lowend system?

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hey, first off, this has probly been somewhere but...
ok. i got 2.2 gig celeron 224 mg of ram a Nvidia Geforce mx4000 64mb and i dont got a whole lot of $$$, so would buying 128 more ram help me get out of the single digit fps??

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Two things, really. Your celeron blows. Not your fault, they just do. Never buy one again. Secondly, the game's sys requirements specify ram requirements as 384... but, if you been playing pc games for a little while, then you know that this is the sys-requiremtns game, and that the recommended sys specs are really the minimum. I'd say 512, min.

And how much cash do you have? Get an nvidia 5700 or an ati 9600. Those'll run you around 125 bones. And if you still can't afford that, then I'd stick to consoles... it's waaaaaay cheaper (but les s rewarding).

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That PC133 RAM should work fine in your system. If it doesn't go in, don't force it. But it should.

Unfortunately, the Radeon 8500 isn't a great deal better than the mx4000. You should notice a slight performance increase with it in, but don't expect miracles. I would have saved an extra 50 or so and at LEAST gone with a 9200 SE, though I'd recommend a 9500 pro (not the 9600, oh god no) to anyone looking for the best bang for their buck.

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