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Level changing problem

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I'm making a multiple level pwad for regular Doom 2. As of now, the levels are saved as a single wad with the levels as maps 01-09. I want to change it so the maps are other levels (specifically 11-18; 31) I am using Doombuilder and it won't let me switch the levels like I want. When I use F2 like the "manual" says, it only saves the level if I use the save as feature, and then it just tacks on the new level with the others. And if I do it a second time, it deletes every level except the most recent one.

What is the easiest and/or best way to make my pwad operate on levels 11-18; 31 instead of levels 1-9?

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Boris is right. For XWE, at the bottom, there should be a button called "Maps". This will show only MAPXX entries. The rest is self-explanatory. :P

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