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Crouching is useful

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Has anyone noticed how useful crouching is in avoiding enemy attacks?

Whenever a tentacle zombie comes at me, all I do is crouch and his attack goes right over my head, then I give him the shotty at point blank. I've only done it once with the imp's slash attack and it worked, but I'm not sure if it's totally reliable or not. The imps also seem to aim their fireballs at your head, so they fly right over you if you duck after they throw it.

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Crouching is no doubt the intended defense against the tentacled commandos. The tentacle lash is probably more annoying than you realize: try to get him to go into the windup close to a corner, then hide behind it. I saw the tentacle go clear through the wall and swat me in that unusual scenario.

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If you're standing still and an imp fires at you, it will be aimed at your chest and crouching will avoid it. This is useful if you don't want to move. If you're crouched when it fires, it'll be aimed at your legs.

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