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Cant beat the boss

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I don't have the soulcube when I get to the final boss. How am I supposed to beat him?

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Actually I'm not sure if its the final boss or not. It's the big ugly thingy that shoots multiple fireballs. There's also flying mobs that have torches, flying around lighting up the arena.

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You get the Soulcube AFTER you beat him - he's not the final boss. You're only halfway through the game. :)

Anyway, you must use your rockets on the three 'seakers' that the Guardian Spawns - wait until they congregate together, shoot all three of them down, and then the Guardian becomes vulnerable to attack. Shoot the glowing blue part above him. Do this several times when that turns blue (resulting from destroying waves of 3 seekers) and you get the soul cube!

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