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Doom3 Saves

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I have setup a website with my doom 3 Autosaves avaliable for download (more will come when get futher in the game and bother to upload them)

Goto : http://www.doom3cavern.tk

Tell me what you think. I will add a forum on the site later so comments can also be posted there too.

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lol not that i was going to use them, i was just interested in seeing what you meant/had and you're as far along as me :D lol well i had 2% health at the start of Alpha Labs Sector 4 ... damn trap room! lol

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Yeah, thats the whole point in me starting up the website. Aswell as a few people complaining that their game did not autosave at certain levels.

I have updated the site with even more saves. Engoy.

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