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Crisis King

D3Radiant, Need some help.

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Okay I've got most things covered. I'm making the e1m1 map like every man and his dog, but I'm having a few troubles. I was just wondering if you guys could help me out. I'll post some screenies after I get a couple more hours to work on it on the weekend!

1) How do I import my own textures into the map? I've tried saving all my textures into .TGA's and I put them into the D3 texture folder but the editor doesn't seem to pick them up!

2) I know how how to make bump-map's and specular maps but how do I tell the editor to use them? The only texture I can get working is the Diffuse.

3) Anyone know how to get doors working, any good tutorial links?

4) Is there an option of setting the default ambient lighting, or do I have to spread omni's out everywhere (which isn't really a good Idea espectially for shadow/fps problems but at the same time I don't want pitch black levels,) :)

5) Lastly, getting your own skyboxes in. I've got some sweet high res graphics of those green mountains with mist all over it, Does anyone know how to get these working. I used to do it in valve's Hammer editor but I'm lost in D3Radiant.

Thanks for all your help and I can't wait to show you guys my map!

EDIT: Ummm I'm so stupid I just found a site with a ton of tutorials, DAMNIT. Mods please delete this thread, but if anyone is still willing to help out I'm all ears. Sorry again, :( :( :(.

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